Here we go again!! Goals for Blended Learning

As we start another course, I am excited to see what this course has to offer me, what skills I can learn, research and theories I can become familiar with, and how I can put my new knowledge into practice in the workplace.

Specifically, I am hoping to learn which elements are most effective in an online environment and how to implement them into an existing course.  I also hope to learn specific strategies for assisting faculty and getting them on board with curriculum changes.  I want to be able to design the most effective and engaging courses for our students.

King’s is slowly moving towards the use of more technology and online elements in our courses.  I hope to, someday, be a part of this shift in a more meaningful way.


One thought on “Here we go again!! Goals for Blended Learning

  1. Hi Steph,

    We’ll get there! Things seem to be moving fast, and I think we may find there are more elements of blended learning in our courses than we think. I think you’re right in that the real challenge is going to be supporting and motivating faculty AND ensuring that how we’re blending is actually based on sound, evidence-based pedagogy.


    PS – and when we get there, you’re going to be the person we’re looking to!

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