EDER 679.25 Blog Post #4 – Creating digital content

Wow, I can’t believe another course has come to a close.  I’m a tech nerd so I have to admit that this has been one of my favourite courses.  I loved being able to play around with different software programs and learn what they can do.

There are so many benefits to creating digital media, but the most important in my eyes is to increase accessibility.  Have information available in text, image, and audio format increases accessibility for learners of different ages, (dis)abilities, and languages.  But because digital media is accessed by so many different learners, this brings on many different challenges.  Mainly, making the media accessible to all learners and the choices that are made when creating it (from font to colours to images to sounds) are inclusive and relevant to all learners.  We must be aware of how our choices may be viewed by others of different religions, cultures, genders, (dis)abilities.  Creators of digital media need to be able to look through the eyes of the learner when creating/designing the media in question.  Creators of digital media also need to be very specific when writing their learning outcome(s) and be cognisant of how every choice they make when creating their media builds towards achieving those learning outcome(s).

The main challenge I found that was consistent across all four assignments was trying to find the “perfect” software.  Especially when using free software, it is very difficult to find a program that does everything that you want.  I would suggest that anyone that is looking to create digital media does some research first on which types of programs are available that suit their needs for that project and compare a few different programs and their features before choosing which program to use.  A couple of times I didn’t do thorough enough research on the program’s features and I ended up ditching the project and starting over with another program and lost valuable time.

One final thought as we finish up this course…  I think a lot of educators view the main purpose of technology in relation to students as valuable in the classroom only.  But while completing LT4 (website) it really struck home with me how technology and digital media can have just as large of an impact on learners outside of the classroom.  For LT4 I created a section for my university’s website for First Nations students.  It occurred to me that without that section of the website, First Nations students may not even make it to the classroom, or last long there.  The website is a tool to help recruit students, as well as promote available academic and personal services to help retain those students.  So although technology and digital media have a strong presence and use in the classroom, we must also remember its place outside the classroom.

Best of luck to everyone in their future courses!


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