EDER679.25 – Blog 1 – PHOTO EDITING

This is a photo that I took for an engagement shoot.  I use Photoshop Elements 8 as my photo editing tool for my photography business.

Original Photo:

Next, I adjusted the lighting, brightened it up a bit.  I increased the saturation so that the colours popped more.  And finally softened the image to give a nice dreamy look.

Next, to erase something from the image.  I erased some of the pebbles on the road, the bow from Nell’s boot, and one of the trees in the background.

Because I am familiar with the rule of thirds, my original photo was taken loosely following the rule.  But for this assignment, I cropped the photo a little bit more to really showcase it.

And finally, I did a horizontal flip (left to right).

This was probably one of my favourite shoots that I’ve done.  The difference from the original photo to the final product is really remarkable!  (Although I do prefer the photo more before the horizontal flip.)